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Among The Thirsty is a contemporary Christian rock band that is breaking barriers in the music industry. Originally from the Tampa Bay Florida area, the group first came together back in 2004 and was formed by two high school friends. Band members Ryan Daniel, Scottie Henderson, Brock Douglas, and Gregory Smith all have the same purpose in mind: to present the Gospel to the world. „We have songs for the church as well as the for the hurting, seeking and lost, our desire is to eradicate the line between Christian and secular music” says Ryan Daniel.

In 2007, the group released their first album Homeward Bound and was immediately coined “The Fab Four” of Christian music. With their inspirational worship ballads and powerful rock sound, Among The Thirsty appeals to people of all ages and all walks of life.

Front man, Ryan Daniel says their latest album Wonder was created to reach people with the love of Christ. The influential ballad „I’d Need A Savior” shares this message of hope with lyrics such as, “Your name is Jesus. You’re the Wonderful, Counselor, my Friend. You’re what I hold on to. I know that you brought me through all the days of loss, to the cross you knew, I’d need a Savior.

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